D.J.  Swag Commander

Vintage & Neo-Vintage DJ for Weddings, Events, & Conventions!

About DJ Swag Commander
Being a fan of traditional swing music from a young age, DJ Swag Commander* (who hails from Nashville, Tennessee) discovered Electro Swing (Neo-Vintage / Vintage Remix) music by accident when searching for swing music videos on YouTube. Like so many others, as soon as he heard it, he fell in love with it and began amassing a library of Electro Swing music.

In 2015, he was asked by Radio World Indie (radioworldindie.org) to be their Electro Swing DJ. Before long the 1 hour per week show, called “Time Travels With DJ Swag Commander” expanded to three 1 hour shows. Later it was again expanded to daily 2 hour shows!

 At the same time, he started a weekly Electro Swing albums show called “Swing It, Baby!”

DJ Swag Commander can now be heard on Mondays for “Swing It, Baby!” and Tuesday through Fridays for “Time Travels With DJ Swag Commander” – each 2 hour shows. In addition, on weekends and in the AM, previous shows are re-aired, giving Electro Swing about 14 hours per week! For a schedule of his programs, see Radio World Indie‘s website.

He was later asked by the Diesel Powered Podcast to record a monthly 1 hour show of vintage, traditional swing, Electro Swing, and neo-vintage music, which is entitled “Swing What You Got.”

In early 2016, Swag Commander began gathering up equipment to do live DJ work and he debuted at the Steampunk Expo and Gothic Con in Chattanooga, Tennessee. (He is also the Founder/Director of Music City Steampunk Consortium.)

He has therefore expanded his DJ-ing from online streaming music to live DJ services at wedding receptions and various Cons (special-interest conventions.) As a live DJ, he still specializes in Vintage and Neo-Vintage music, but offers music of many genres.

*An explanation of the “DJ Swag Commander” name: because of the stylish manner in which he dresses on a daily basis (which is usually vintage styles and fedoras reminiscent of the swing era), he was often told he had “swag.” When the Duck Dynasty TV program was at the height of its popularity, building on the “Duck Commander” nickname from that program, he was nicknamed by a co-worker as “Swag Commander.” When he started DJ-ing, he decided to use that as the DJ name.